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Functions of a DIET:

Training and Orientation of ----

  • Both pre – service and in – service.

       Teachers training programme of elementary schools

  • Head masters, head of school

       Complexes and officers of education department upto block level.

  • Induction level training programme of instructors and supervisors of Adult Education Department

  • Members of village Education Committees (VECs), Community leaders, youths and other volunteers

  • Resources persons who are willing to conduct programmes for school teachers, headmasters, etc.



Structural organization of DIET:

     The DIET will have staff strengths in the following areas:

  • Pre – service Education Department (PSTE)

  • District Resource Unit (DRU)

  • Work Experience Department (WE)

  • Curriculum, Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE)

  • In-service Programmes, Field Interaction and Innovation Coordination (IFIC)

  • Planning and Management (P & M)

  • Educational Technology (ET)    

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